HomeDaemon-MCP, The Future of Household Control

HomeDaemon-MCP is now available in the freeware version for testing and evaluation should you wish to see most of what the full version is capable of. Note that the freeware version has no encryption support of any kind.

HomeDaemon-MCP runs under FreeBSD.11-STABLE on the Raspberry Pi2; the operating system is freely available and distributable software available directly from FreeBSD. Due to the economy of the hardware required to support the package (the Pi2 is a $35 computer!) total installation cost is greatly reduced, thereby making installations not only a matter of convenience for the homeowne but also greatly reducing the payback time through reduced energy consumption.

Key points:

Please see the Release Notes included in the distribution file along with the system manual for more information including important limitations that are present in the Freeware distribution; both are provided in PDF format.

The freeware distribution can be downloaded here: hd-mcp.freeware-1.2.0.tar.gz

Please contact Karl by email at info@cudasystems.net if you are interested in potentially acquiring all rights, including source and redistribution, for this package. At this time single licenses for individual users are not available.

HomeDaemon-MCP is Copyright 2016 Karl Denninger. All Rights Reserved.

The full (not freeware) does, incidentally, support secure mode operation for those of you who wish to use secure-included nodes....

Mar  2 15:02:19 HD-MCP[3536]: Node add start
Mar  2 15:02:19 HD-MCP[3536]: Ready to Add Node; press button
Mar  2 15:02:21 HD-MCP[3536]: Add Node in process; STAND BY
Mar  2 15:02:21 HD-MCP[3536]: Add SLAVE node 60 (0x3c) in process; STAND BY
Mar  2 15:02:21 HD-MCP[3536]: SLAVE node 60 (0x3c) REQUEST SECURE SCHEME
Mar  2 15:02:22 HD-MCP[3536]: Add node 60 (0x3c) COMPLETE
Mar  2 15:02:22 HD-MCP[3536]: Scheme AES-128; Send network key to unit 60 (0x3c)
Mar  2 15:02:22 HD-MCP[3536]: Got NONCE for unit 60 (0x3c)
Mar  2 15:02:22 HD-MCP[3536]: Got NONCE request from unit 60 (0x3c), queueing NONCE
Mar  2 15:02:22 HD-MCP[3536]: Secure include of unit 60 (0x3c) CONFIRMED