HomeDaemon-MCP on Android

We all live with mobile phones today and while they are often decried as "mobile spying devices" in our pockets there are very useful capabilities that having a small -- but powerful -- computer in your pocket offers.

One of the better arguments for a mobile device that is always on is to keep tabs on your residence -- no matter where you are. While many systems provide a means to control and look at items in your house "on demand" HomeDaemon-MCP goes further with always-on, 24x7 monitoring and control -- without using either cloud resources (that can impact your privacy) or destroying your mobile phone's battery life.

Using a combination of techniques HomeDaemon-MCP can, at your option, be told to remain "always on" and standing guard -- with notifications of state changes you specify being delivered even when your phone is asleep within 90 seconds -- and within milliseconds if the device is in use. Options to remain active and "on guard" when you are connected to WiFi, Mobile networks and/or when "roaming" are provided. Notifications posted by HomeDaemon-MCP are "sticky" and will be delivered if the mobile is out of range (or turned off) when it next makes contact, with up to 50 unique "channels" of notification supported to make sure you never miss an important event.

Security and privacy are the key words when it comes to the Android app. All communications are "wrapped" in high-security SSL to prevent snooping, the app never stores a password and even real time video can be pulled from any camera, at any time.

You can move a camera to any of four presets at your request, or set one with a "long press" on one of the four buttons. The jog controls allow for fine movement left, right, up and down. The status of your connection, including its security, is always displayed in the left corner and a long press (to prevent accidental activation) on the "download" button starts a 5-minute stream capture to your mobile device independent of the other functions of the app; you can exit the display screen or even lock the phone and the transfer will continue so long as you have data service

The always-on notification in the top left corner gives you the status of the connection at any time; if communication has been interrupted for some reason an "X" will be shown struck through the notification icon.

And, of course, "pinch-zoom" and, once zoomed, panning is supported on the video with a quick double-tap to the screen restoring the "full screen" display.

The app automatically determines and sorts your room and location list, meaning there's no complex configuration or set up required. For battery-powered devices, such as motion detectors and locks, the power level is always displayed. Lights, fans and other switchable devices (such as locks) can be changed simply by clicking or dragging their controls, as expected. For thermostats a quick tap brings up a prompt for the desired temperature to be set at.

Further, all states are updated in real time, even when you're looking at a given detail screen -- so you know what you asked to be done was not only sent to the system but it is confirmed as having been executed by the individual device -- end to end.

Power consumption overnight, with the phone sleeping and always-on monitoring enabled averages approximately 1% -- an insignificant amount. Further, no cloud resources are used in any way; the connection to the HomeDaemon-MCP controller is direct, secure, and nearly-impossible to intercept, keeping your home secure and private, exactly as it should be.