HomeDaemon-MCP and "Skills"

Why would you allow some third party - over whom you have no control or ability to chase if they do something evil - into your home?

You shouldn't. Yet the premise of "skills" or "add-ons" loaded onto home control systems, whether they be "smart speakers" or other control devices, is that you trust all of those people implicitly with your most-intimate secrets.

This particular risk becomes even more-severe as soon as voice response enters into the picture. In order to effect a voice response the machine must be listening all the time. There is no other realistic way to do that; if you have to press a button to tell it to listen first, and that button is an actual switch that turns on the microphone through a physical connection, then there is no advantage at all over whipping out your phone and touching the screen.

Once again "convenience" has won out over reason, and you should reject this. There have already been reports in the press of so-called "smart speakers" recording conversations allegedly uncommanded and sending them to a random person in someone's contact list.

Of course this assumes that such is a true accident -- the harm that could be done by someone programming a "skill" or "add-on" that intentionally included such a capability would be immense.

Let's not mince words either -- there has never been a large tech firm held criminally responsible for any misuse or negligent disclosure of personal data. Ever. Never mind that many of these devices and their software are crafted overseas in China, India and other such places - where US law does not reach.

HomeDaemon-MCP does not have, nor does it support, any such things. You control it via what you declare you want it to look at and do, based on a simple English-like language that implements an "if this then do that" sort of logic. Local variable storage along is supported so you can keep track of things that have happened in the past, along with when they occurred.

The Android app runs entirely on your handheld and again, neither requires or calls upon any such "extrernal skills". Nor does it, or HomeDaemon-MCP itself, use or access a microphone -- ever.

The loss of convenience over taking out your phone or opening a browser to do something is tiny compared to speaking to an always-listening microphone but there is simply no way to have anything approaching actual security or privacy of your conversations within range of an open mic. It cannot be done and it is dishonest in the extreme to claim that it can.

Your home, especially your bedroom, is the one place that you should be able to speak freely with your loved ones without any fear of interception or compromise of those conversations by some random third party, whether it simply be a marketing company or someone intending to do something more nefarious. This is one place you should never compromise, and HomeDaemon-MCP has been intentionally designed and built to not ask you to do so in the name of "convenience."